Hot Power Yoga

While some people tend to confuse these two, the Hot Power Yoga is as different to Bikram yoga as the day is different to the night! Firstly, though the hot room is… hot, the temperature levels are always adjusted to make you feel even more comfortable than in a regular room!

Whilst the Bikram yoga studio, on the other hand, is heated to close to 45 degrees C, our Hot Power Yoga studio is 28-32 degrees.

This kind of a difference means that there is enough heat to warm your muscles up and trigger you sweating for good, but the lower temperature means we can bring more movement or ‚flow‘ into the class. This achieves a more athletic class with a cardio element than what a Bikram „torture sauna“ rooms are all about…

The Bikram Hot Yoga sequence is basically the same for each class.

In our case, each Hot Power Yoga class is different. Our teachers are guided by a specific class structure but within this, have the flexibility to choose the poses they feel are suitable for the yoga students in the class. This allows our Hot Power Yoga coaches to get even more creative and playful.

Altogether, those differences result in your overall experience and postures varying from session to session…

We also encourage interaction between our yoga students and you’ll be encouraged to say hello and make friends.