Yoga for Couples

Yoga, by definition and design, means a „yoke“ or union — hence it is a work, dedicated to uniting your mind, body and spirit as one balanced entity…

So just very similarly to the Indian Tantra practice, partner/couples yoga deepens the workout experience by including your lover, friend or family member, in postures. Working in pairs is especially a good idea, as the breathing and moving together is a key to achieving that balance faster!

And like AcroYoga, couples yoga consists of one practitioner acting as the base, and the other the flier. These roles ideally, should be interchangeable for any couple.

The advantages of practicing yoga together with a partner are endless, with some of those including improved levels of communication, deeper expressions of postures and a deeper trust bond for each partner.

Gareth Davidson, the creator of Principle-Based Partner Yoga is confident, that partner yoga is an important part of getting that connectivity feel, either towards the partner you’re working with or towards other people in general. She explains that „Because we are so technologically based it is even more critical and crucial that we have touch … real human touch-based connections.“

So why not give these five powerful couples yoga poses a try!